Banner ads are also known as image ads and display ads. These are nothing more than image advertisements that you can’t help but run into all over the internet. Banners are cost-effective and a great way to get your business image out there for the masses to see.

Banners have been used since the start of the World Wide Web. It used to be easy to create an attention grabbing banner ad and get easy clicks. However, the internet is much more competitive now, and people want to interact with banners that do more than just grab their attention.

A good banner ad should:

* Be relevant to your web site. Let your customers know just what it is you are marketing, especially if you are looking to gain customers from your marketing niche.

* Be professional. Pictures can say a thousand words: make your graphics and colors pop. Remember, you are running a business, so keep it neat and professional.

Before you start creating your banner ads you need to consider a few options available to you:


Most websites have their own requirements about the size of banner ads. These ads are usually just the regular standard sizes that have been around forever. Just be sure you know what each website requires. You can use a graphic software program like Adobe Flash or Adobe Photoshop to find the correct ad size.

Plan to use two-thirds of your banner for your image (which is your value proposition), and the other third for your call to action.

Create A Strong Title

Your title, or heading, should be an immediate attention grabber. Create a captivating and short heading that reaches out to your niche market. Vary the colors and font sizes of your headings, and make it a valuable part of your ad.

Using Banner Ads Effectively

It makes sense to place banner ads on websites that already generate a lot of traffic. It makes even more sense to place these ads on websites that actually cater to your targeted market.

One nice thing about using banners is that you can easily measure the CTR (click-through rate). If your banner ad has a click-through rate of 7%, then out of a hundred impressions (times the ad was shown), 7 people actually clicked on your link. The higher your percentage, the more clicks you are getting, the more effective your banner ad is. It really is this easy.

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