Most small businesses don’t have a high powered
advertising agency to produce selling radio
commercials for them and end up with something
akin to a high school play, or with the business
owner reading tired copy.

The radio salesperson knows that by suggesting the
owner be the star, visions of Dave from Wendys or
that guy with the talking dog who says “roll that
beautiful bean footage” come to mind.

Worse, most businesses don’t have a plan to
coordinate all advertising to the same message.
The newspaper ad says one thing, yellow pages
another and the radio commercial is off in its own

The radio ad person should know all about your
campaign and image before leaving with the order.
You should be promised a “proof” of your radio
ad before it goes on the air. There should be at
least two commercials, better four, selling the

Remember Tom Bodett and Motel 6? A great campaign.
It was just Tom delivering solid copy about the
benefits of staying at the motel (and a little
twinkle music in the background). It won awards,
put them on the map and raised occupancy rates and
profits. The company was gobbled up by the Accor
chain (one of the biggest in the world) who have
the smarts to continue the same campaign. What
does he say at the end of every commercial?
Radio done right works!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/23658


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