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The biggest mistake that many commercial ads make is trying to explain how something works before listing the benefits to the consumer. Instead, you should focus on discussing the benefits of what you have to offer in one sentence or less before you can discuss how your product or service works. If your potential clients don’t have a reason to listen then a product or service typically won’t sell. So start off early by giving your potential clients a reason to pay attention to your commercial ad.

Grab clients attention

Along with explaining the benefits early you want to make sure that you make a great first impression. A good radio or television ad needs to start out good in order for individuals to want to continue with the ad. If not then an individual can tune out the commercial and not pay attention to what you are saying. However, grabbing the attention of potential clients can be difficult. Make sure you come up with a lead that has great impact and is expressed early in the commercial ad before you potential clients can lose interest.

Present a clear offer

As with all commercial ads you will need an offer or direct response that spurs your potential clients into action. Make sure the offer you are presenting is simple and easy to grasp quickly. The offer must also be relevant to the client. It needs to reduce the risk involved and get them to pick up the phone or at the very least gets them to overcome logic and pick up the phone. However, it is also crucial that your offer is built into your business model. You need to make sure you can afford and stand behind the offer you are presenting.

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