Magazines are just one of the many print publications that are popular among the enthusiasts of the many forms of mass media these days. Magazines can be bought on magazine stalls and news stands or via client subscriptions. And, because of the large number of people who read magazines everyday, or at least, every time an issue is released, advertisers are now perennially banking on their popularity for their own ads.

About Magazine Advertising

Aiming an advertisement to be placed on a magazine’s pages? We need to know first just how magazine advertising works. There are basically six types of magazine ads. These are the cover ads, the full page ads, the spread ads, the vertical and horizontal ads, the checkerboard ads, and the square ads. When it comes to the space that the non-full page or spread ads take up, the advertiser usually has a choice between two thirds of the magazine page, or half of the page, or one third of the entire space. On the other hand, for full page and spread ads, there are two possible treatments that can be employed, which are bleed and non bleed.

Full Page Ads vs. Spread Advertisements

What is the difference between full page ads and spread ads? Actually, it is with the scope. Spread ads are bigger specifically because it takes up the space of two consecutive facing magazine pages all at once. Spread ads may also come in the form of a page that is equal the size of two magazine pages and then folded by half so the reader could just unfold it to read the ad. On the other hand, the full page ad, as the name itself suggests, takes up an entire magazine page.

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